Wednesday, May 7, 2014

B&W Series: Day 13- Life

Photo Details: Taken with Canon 60D;EFS 100mm Macro Lens; ISO 100; Shutter Speed- 1/250; Aperture f/4

I took this photo last week, lone dandelion that bloomed in the middle of my backyard.

I seems like the further along into this pregnancy I get, the less energy I have. There is so much left to get done around the house and to get prepared, I wish I had more energy to get it all done. Also, having a baseline of contractions every 10 minutes for the past three weeks is really wearing on me. But at least I got Gabriel's car seat cushion washed, and while I was at it, I washed Kaelyn's booster seat too. Now they are hanging to dry, and that will be one less thing to get done. This weekend we are putting together the crib, last weekend was the dresser. Another thing I have to figure out, which seems kind of silly, is where to put the carseat base in our car; and where to put the booster seat. Right now the booster is in the middle, but I'm thinking of moving it behind the driver seat, and putting the infant seat behind the passenger seat, or in the middle. I'll have to see how they fit.

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