Monday, April 14, 2014

B&W Series: Day 5- The Lemon Tree

Photo Details: Taken with Canon 60D; EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens; ISO 1250; Shutter Speed- 1/160; Aperture f/2.8; Manual Exposure

This is my lonely lemon tree sprout. I found the idea to do this on pinterest from here. I planted the seeds from 3 whole lemons, and apparently only one was healthy enough to sprout. I think I will transfer it into it's own little pot once it gets a little bigger.
I feel like I have somewhat of a green thumb lately. I have never (besides grade school projects) planted anything from a seed and watched it grow. Right now, I have the lemon sprout, a petunia plant, and daisies (my daughter planted those!) growing from seed form; as well as Azalea and Pieris shrubs flowering beautifully in our front landscape. I honestly didn't think I had it in me. You learn something new every day I suppose, right?
My daughter and I also painted sun catchers today! She picked out the cross to paint, and gave me the cupcake. We will see how they turn out when they are dry. It seems like she really has a thing for painting and/or anything artsy. Every time she is coloring, painting, making some type of picture- she gets this oh-so-serious look on her face. She likes to concentrate very hard on what she is doing! My husband took her fishing last weekend and she loved it! First time out fishing (ever) and she caught two fish! She wasn't squeamish about holding or touching them either, I am pretty sure we have somewhat of a tomboy on our hands.

Anyway, back to the photo... I was slightly hesitant about putting up this particular photo, because in a sense, I think I like it better in color. Since I am pretty new to really 'delving into' black and white photography and trying to figure out what makes a great black and white photo (besides just changing the color space to black/white/gray), I want to post photos that might not be best suited for black and white. Then try to figure out why it isn't, and what I could change, if anything, to better suite it for black and white.

So, I leave you with this question, and the color version of this image- What would make this a better black and white photo, if anything?

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