Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Black and White and Sepia Photography Project. Beginnings...

I am working on starting a new project/series using only black and white photography. I am excited to get this series started and see where my photography grows from here! I will also be putting up some of my previous black and white photographs to show progression from when I first started. I wonder where this project will take me!
^This is a self portrait during my first pregnancy July, 2011.
^These are photos of my daughter when she was about a month and a half old, December 2011. All photos using my Canon Rebel XSI DSLR. Newer photos will be taken with my Canon 60D. I cannot wait to get this project started and sharing it with everyone! Also, if anyone has any advice and/or tips working with black and white/sepia photography, please comment! As I get further into the project, I will be sharing my own experiences with working with black and white photography. I will also be sharing any advice that I found helped me out the most!

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